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Dave Smith Appliance Service in Toledo Provides Tips on Recycling old Appliances

Recycling appliances will free up space in our already overflowing landfills and help the environment by saving precious, scarce resources

Toledo OH – The local appliance repair man is often asked what to do with an old appliance when a he advises the customer that it is not worth fixing. Many express their concern with throwing it out when there could be some useable parts or recyclable material. Besides being wasteful, the landfills are already overflowing and old appliances take up a lot of space.

When an old appliance requires an expensive repair, with much of the cost being labor charges, the owner will tempted to buy a new one. He might not be too keen on the idea of saving the appliance. For many people, recycling old appliances is not top on their list of good deeds. On the other hand, there are some environmentally conscious people who wonder about their options for getting rid of their old appliances without further harm to the planet.

One option is to see if there is a used appliance store in the area that will refurbish and resell it. If they cannot fix it they might be able to recycle many of the parts thus reducing waste and saving precious scarce resources.

According to Dave Smith Appliance Repair ( many communities have their own procedures for disposing of old appliances. Owners should call their department of public works and ask about the collection and recycling of appliances in the area.

The refrigerator repair man warns residents about putting the unit out to the street. Before throwing out an old refrigerator, a certified technician must be called to remove and dispose of the refrigerant. Owners should also remove the door to prevent a child from being trapped inside.

Dave Smith Appliance Service has another green idea for people who need to purchase new appliances. Owners should contact their local utility company to see if they offer an energy incentive program. Chances are they will collect and recycle old appliances. Some utility providers offer rebates or discounts for purchasing Energy Star Rated appliances.

Maintenance is the best way to save money by preventing breakdown, improving efficiency and extending the life of the appliance. Visit the Toledo Appliance Repair Website for appliance care and maintenance tips posted by Dave Smith.

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